Information Graphics.

Wikipedia states that Information graphics are graphic visual representations of information, data and knowledge, however this merely just scratches the surface and the significance of this concept is far greater than this definition alone. Information graphics for the large part can make the invisible, visible in the sense that often it is graphical and visual representations of data  that allow humans to process the information more efficiently and with a higher level of coherence. The ability to communicate with visuals rather than words is a powerful tool. People will often understand and appreciate if information is concise like that in a visual form, rather than say reading an essay. For those who publish data and material, the implications of this last point are of extreme importance. Publishers who can communicate their material with simplicity and visual effectiveness stand the best chance of relaying their intended message to the public.

Information graphics may come in the form of;




and alike …

What these images above have in common is their ability to compress huge amounts of complex data into a simple form that is easily understood by the public. Information graphics and the visualisation of data break down barriers to information and grant people access to data which was otherwise too complex to comprehend. is a perfect example of information graphics. In essence the website is an archive of all types of information brought together in a simple and easy to use format. Readers are able to view, read and perhaps most importantly interact with this array of information, thus making the data contained in the website easily accessible and interesting. The website demonstrates the effectiveness of an information source that condenses various forms of data and makes them appealing to the public.

In summation information graphics and the visualisation of data presents a simple and effective way to represent masses of raw data. It is appealing as it compresses large amounts of data  presents the information in a way that is interesting easily understandable for the public. For Publishers, information graphics provide an easier and more effective means of conveying their intended message.


Information Graphics:

Visualisation of Data:

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