Infotention. defines Infotention as; “a combination of attentional disciplines and information-handling tools. It is a method for turning information overload into knowledge navigation.”

From my understanding Infotention is a pastiche of two terms, information and attention. It deals with one’s ability to filter and aggregate data so it has a purpose to a certain task or function. If the data we are filtering through is not of interest to the subject then he or she is less likely to pay attention to it and ceteris paribus. This term is becoming of exponential importance in the modern digital age, especially with the huge influx of different types of information and date we are now being exposed to via the web.  Attention has become a commodity in this age of technologic excess. It is scarce and thus has become somewhat of a valuable resource. This concept is known as the economy of attention. This is best illustrated in advertising. Advertising companies fight for our attention. In an economical sense, these companies spend millions of dollars to increase the salience and exposure of their product therefore our attention is a commodity.

There are differing levels of attention and these levels correlate directly to the information, material or data we are giving that attention too (thus infotention). The three most distinguished levels of attention are full, divided and lack of. A crude yet sufficient example of this would be a Husband who is a football fan watching the game on TV. He would obviously give the broadcast he is watching his full attention whilst his wife sitting next to him may only give it divided attention.

A detailed visual description of infotention is provided below. Please give it your full attention 😉


Kinsley, Sam (2010) ‘The Technics of Attention’, Paying Attention

Yoffe, Emily (2009) ‘Seeking: How the brain hard-wires us to love Google, Twitter, and texting. And why that’s dangerous’ Slate

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